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Unturned   Description

Unturned is an action game created by Smartly Dressed Games. The zombie survival game features polygonal environments and blocky characters. Players have to survive hordes of zombies by gathering materials and build strongholds.
The Zombie Blocks Attack
Unturned combines the zombie survival gameplay of DayZ and the retro blocky aesthetics of Minecraft . The game takes place in zombie-infested locations . Players have to fight the zombies and survive longer . They have several options to survive the game : go guns blazing , sneak around or use tactics against special zombies. Powerful special zombies can be invisible, breath fire or conjure lightning. Players can build fortified strongholds for themselves or for their gang. They could also secure abandoned buildings and add new structures. Strongholds can be enhanced with barricades, decorations, traps, and types of machinery. It requires large amounts of supplies collected from the environment. The offline solo mode involves rebuilding society. Players can interact with NPCs. They can take quests and progress further in the game’s story. Waves of zombies will assault the players’ base and they have to fend them off. Sometimes there will be airdrop supplies that players can acquire by securing them. Players can explore radiated dead zones and they need gas masks to survive the radiation. Advertisement sam.cmd.push(function() { sam.display('review-app-page-desktop'); });
The game also includes acquirable vehicles for traveling the world by land, air, and sea. Vehicles can be stored in garages and they require regular maintenance. Players must collect materials like batteries, fuel, and tires to keep them at their best condition. They can also fortify them into moving fortresses. There are 5 official locations and 1 community sandbox map  that players can play with. The real-life locations are based from the Prince Edward Island, The Yukon, Washington, Russia, Hawaii, and Germany. Players have to also manage their status other than fighting zombies. They have to gather food from forests, hunt wild animals , fish  in bodies of water, and plant crops . The weather can also affect the players’ health. They have to take cover during rain and blizzards.
From Solo To Multiplayer
This game comes with open PVP mode where players can attack each other. The conventional weapons available are melee weapons, guns, and traps. Players can raid enemy encampment and loot valuable materials. There is also a dedicated PvP play arena mode for those who want to join last man standing battles. Casual players can opt for more peaceful cooperation via PvE mode . Some servers have roleplaying rules where players have to remain in their roles and form stories. They can communicate through voice chat or the in-game two-way radios for complete immersion. The game supports mods with community-approved contents. Players can enjoy custom maps, skins, pieces of equipment, and even enemies. They can utilize third-party plug-ins for more intuitive modding with other users. Some mods may eventually be approved by Smartly Dressed Games and integrated to the official game. Survival and Socializing In A Blocky World
Unturned is a fun experience when it comes to the zombie survival genre. Players get to bond together and gather materials to survive from the horde . It also supports modding where players can make new and immersive contents. Surviving the zombie apocalypse have never been this so much cartoony but awesome.
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