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Broforce is a side-scroller game with oodles of destruction and action hero film references to entertain you as you run n' gun through several levels to save the day from evil. Featuring a wacky but nostalgic collection of iconic action heroes for you to use in battle, your objective is to blast your way through the world to save captured Bros and fight the boss, before planting an American flag in victory and riding a helicopter out of there.  Nothing is Indestructible
Similar to the world physics of Minecraft , Terraria , and LEGO games, you can destroy absolutely anything in Broforce. Just like how old action movies love explosions, you can have your own pixelated carnage here. It’s inevitable, anyway, with how much damage the various weapons and fighting styles make here in Broforce—the enemies in the game can even destroy the environment themselves. You can set up traps this way in your playthrough since any action from you and the enemies will affect your surroundings and cause mayhem. Regarding enemy NPC deaths, it’s just as messy as the roads being blasted away. The blood and carnage are obvious, even with the 8-bit pixels. Broforce doesn’t hold back with this classic trait in action films and the game’s overall theme only serve to make all the destruction look campy, just like its homage.  Advertisement sam.cmd.push(function() { sam.display('review-app-page-desktop'); }); An Army of Bros
Broforce’s main appeal is in the large collection of iconic 80s action hero parodies with the word “bro” clumsily attached to their name. From “Rambro”  to “Indiana Brones”, each has a unique playstyle and weapon. Broforce thrives on the unpredictable nature of its world and your starting character always being randomized only adds to the chaos that Broforce wants to promote. It’s going to be a real challenge learning all of the Bros’ fighting styles and how you can use them in combat. Add in the four-player co-op mode and you can have your own hero squad with a bunch of muscly heroes with names as bad puns. Broforce stays true to its love of the action genre and while the pixelated hunks of mass destruction look corny, each one has definitely been lovingly crafted to pay good homage to their designated icons.  Just Fire Away
All in all, Broforce is focused more on its destructive fun rather than a good plot to keep players hooked. As a side-scrolling shoot ‘em up , it has a nice character and world design, and the soundtrack pumps you up for several rounds of testosterone-filled chaos, but that’s all there is to it and it’s more for mindless gaming than deep introspection. If you’re a fan of 80s action films, though, this will definitely make you laugh in nostalgia.
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