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ARK: Survival Evolved   Description

ARK: Survival Evolved is an adventure game developed by Studio Wildcard. The game involves surviving in an open-world environment with prehistoric creatures. Players can gather materials, tame every creature, and escape the prehistoric world.
The Prehistoric World Expands
A lot has changed in ARK: Survival Evolved . It has more locations, resources, creatures, craftable items, bosses and objectives. The original game mechanics are still the same. Players travel across biomes to find shelter . They have to gather materials to build shelter, tools, weapons and other pieces of machinery. Those crafted items can help players survive the harsh weather and fend off hostile creatures. Sometimes, a beacon activates for a limited amount of time and supply crates will drop there. The end game goal is conquering all Boss Arenas . Each arena requires players to tribute certain artifacts in a Beacon or Obelisk. A portal leading to the boss arena will open.  Advertisement sam.cmd.push(function() { sam.display('review-app-page-desktop'); }); Not Just Prehistoric Beasts
Players can either kill creatures for food or tame them as pets . There are a wide variety of species that can be found in the game. Other than the prehistoric species, players can find quirky and far-fetched creatures like the Aberrant, Alpha, Corrupted, Enraged, Fantasy, Mechanical, Tek and Titans. Certain type of baits can tame creatures. Organic creatures like Dodo, Sabertooth and Rex need to be tranquilized first then fed continuously until they are tamed. Mechanical creatures like Enforcer, Tek, and Scout require futuristic crafting items to summon them as allies. Most bosses cannot be tamed like the Broodmother Lysrix, Megapithecus, Dragon, and the Overseer. An exception would be a few species of Titans where players must destroy the corruption nodes that are controlling them. There are also limited Event Creatures that cannot be acquired by normal means unless players participated in those events. The game has a day-night cycle that affects the behavior of all creatures. Some nocturnal creatures will be more aggressive at night while ordinary creatures would rest.  Try To Survive Longer
Players must manage their health and their tamed creatures. Factors like injuries, attacks from hostile players and creatures, drowning, hunger, and extreme temperatures will kill unprepared players and tamed creatures.  Players can level up their physical attributes to improve their performance. They can gain level via combat, harvesting materials, crafting advance tools, taming creatures or finding explorer notes. Having better stats allow players to be tougher, breath longer underwater, improve their hydration, carry more equipment, inflict damage harder, move faster, and craft better items. Tamed creatures also have unique attributes. For example, Glowbugs can be trained to harvest more light and illuminate brighter in the dark. Wyverns can be enhanced to carry more cargo, breath stronger fire and hit hostiles harder. Meks can be upgraded with better firepower and durability. Stronger creatures guarantee survivability against end game bosses.
There is a single and multiplayer mode . Players can either do solo mode or join a multiplayer server. In multiplayer mode, players can form their own tribes, as well as invite other players to join their tribe.
The Far Future With Fantastic Creatures
ARK: Survival Evolved is a very engaging survival game. Anyone can get lost in the vast and exotic locations . Players may begin with primitive tools but eventually, they will craft futuristic gears and weapons . The main allure of this game is the ability to ride dinosaurs and fight alien robots . Nothing could match that kind of absurd but awesome moment in gaming.
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