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Boom 2   Description

Boom 2 is a simple app for your Mac that maximizes its built in audio using a range of different equalizer tools. It allows any video, music, or calls you use your system for to sound louder and clearer – providing that you set the levels correctly. Pump up the volume Advertisement sam.cmd.push(function() { sam.display('review-app-page-desktop'); });
Sat at home, using my 2009 MacBook Pro, I had basically come to the conclusion that everything from here would be downhill. But Boom 2 provided a way to improve the performance of at least one aspect of my aging machine’s hardware.
Working at a system level, Boom 2 starts boosting audio the moment you launch it. Sitting in your Mac’s Menu Bar, the program provides you with a number of options to improve all of your system’s sound – which is particularly useful if you are relying on built-in speakers.
Its most obvious function is boosting your system’s volume. Alongside the usual Volume Control, you can find the Boom 2 icon. Clicking on this provides an additional volume slider, which can increase levels above their usual limits .
In addition to this simple volume boost, Boom 2 also provides a range of Equalizer and Effect options. The Equalizer comes with default profiles to suit a number of playback possibilities. Thus, if you are listening to podcasts, watching a movie, or mixing dubstep, there is a setting for you. You can also alter these profiles and save any changes you make using the mixer. Super bass
Similarly the Effect option allows you to tweak settings for different circumstances . You can plump to change fidelity or ambiance in the trial version, with spatial, night mode, and pitch options all requiring you to purchase the full app. The effect of each of these can be increased or decreased with a simple slider.
Perhaps the main downside of all of this is that if you alter the settings too much – making them specific to your current circumstance – then listening to anything else can sound awful . Speech can sound muffled or tinny, while music can simply be ruined.
This is no small issue, and proves a real failing if you are only casually using Boom 2 . Fortunately, if things get really bad, you can turn off Boom 2’s equalization options with a simple click. The bottom-line: if you get deep into the apps functions then you may find yourself needing to constantly monitor playback, making the iOS Boom 2 Remote a must.
The flipside of this is that, if you do find the perfect levels for a track, then you can use Boom 2’s File Boosting function to save the settings for future listening. Boom! Shake the room
Boom 2 is a great app to improve audio playback through your system’s built in speakers. But, before you purchase the full app, do make use of its seven day trial to see if you are ready to monitor its options to ensure constantly good results.
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