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Adobe Muse 2014.2


Dernière version: 2014.2
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Adobe Muse   Description

Adobe Muse for Mac is a really simple web editor that enables you to develop and design websites without writing a single line of code. Adobe Muse
Those of you who have been using computers for years now will surely remember Frontpage , the easy web editor created by Microsoft. Adobe Muse is in a way the heir to that program: a totally visual web editor with which you can create websites just like you write a paper on a word processor.
Creating websites in Adobe Muse is just a question of adding text and images, dragging and dropping elements around, and using the program’s drop-down and floating menus to customize options. No coding or developing skills required! The websites you can create are not very complex, but perfectly fine for a newbie.
Adobe Muse features a clean interface divided into several tabs: a Plan area to visualize your website’s structure at a glance, a Design area to design web pages and a Preview area that displays the website just like it’ll appear online. Adobe Muse also lets you publish your website directly from the program.
With Adobe Muse you can easily create basic websites even if you have no idea about coding. Changes Align Palette: We've added a new Align Palette, available from the Window menu, or by clicking on the new 'Align' control in the control strip. You can use the new Align features to align or distribute selected objects relative to each other, or to the page content area (which is the area from the bottom of the header to the top of the footer). Asset Upload: You can now link to any external file (i.e. PDF, .zip file, .dmg or .exe) and add a hyperlink to it to enable users to download the file from your web site. All linked assets will be uploaded / exported along with the rest of the Adobe Muse site, in a new 'assets' folder. Code Generation Improvements: We've improved the HTML code generation for Adobe Muse in several areas. Shadows, Glows, and Gradients now use CSS instead of generating additional images. We've eliminated many cases where we generated duplicated HTML nodes. We've also changed our JavaScript framework for our widgets from Spry to a smaller, faster framework called WebPro. These changes make the export process faster, and Adobe Muse now generates less images and smaller HTML files. Shadows and outer glows are represented using CSS box-shadows instead of rasterizing. Fixed the naming of images exported by Adobe Muse which have been either resampled or cropped before exporting. Background images that have been set to "Scale to Fit" or "Scale to Fill" are now exported with the 'contain' or 'cover' background-size CSS property, respectively. Browsers display a warning when you serve a page that mixes HTTP and HTTPS content, which can be triggered if loading content from a content delivery network (CDN) such as Amazon's CloudFront. To avoid these warnings, Adobe Muse uses some JavaScript to not use CDN URLs with HTTPS in favor of falling back to a local version of the content. Forms: We've added a new Form widget to the widget library. You can easily configure the form to send the form submissions to multiple email addresses, and optionally redirect users to another page after submitting the form. You can add and remove fields, and style the form as you would other Adobe Muse elements. You can independently style the various states of the form, and form fields to provide a compelling user experience, with visual cues for error states, empty states, and more. Because Form processing requires server-side support, Adobe Muse forms are configured to work when published to Adobe Business Catalyst. If you make changes to your form and publish again, Adobe Muse will make the appropriate changes to your Adobe Business Catalyst forms. Adobe Muse will safeguard data when redesigning your Adobe Business Catalyst forms If a field with no data submitted is removed, it will be deleted from the database. If a field that has submitted data is r
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