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Human: Fall Flat   Description

Players will be literally stumbling in  Human: Fall Flat  as the game characters move around the place like   watery pancake doughs. That is to say that they also do look like actual doughs shaped in human form, void of any clothing and facial features. Playing with these seemingly perpetually drunk characters is fun in itself, but wait until the need to   solve  puzzles  finally comes! Human: Fall Flat is a  very funny   platform game  that will challenge players in  accomplishing levels  as they take on the most uncoordinated character in, perhaps, the whole gaming world.
Stumbling your way to success
It will be a little difficult to get used to the controls   of the game with how  unstable  the characters’ movements are. In addition to that, your character’s hands are each and  individually controlled  by the left and right buttons. While the human-shaped doughs enjoy flailing around in the game, movement coordination will rely heavily on the player! The game’s  weird physics  also affect your game character’s actions. For instance, turning around in one swift movement might cause their noodle-like limbs to tangle, which of course will lead them to fall down on the ground and players will have to wait for the humanoid to be able to regroup before continuing on the task at hand. If there is one good thing about being  gummy-like,  it’s that falling from great heights and getting hit by objects will not cause the character any harm.  Advertisement sam.cmd.push(function() { sam.display('review-app-page-desktop'); });
It does take a while to get used to controlling and directing something that moves like jelly, but you will eventually get the hang of it. Your game characters also have this weird affinity for touching and grabbing things  automatically  as long as they are within a reasonable range. Having a better grasp at how you will be able to control your character will make it easier to overcome obstacles. Falling is the way out
Human: Fall Flat has different worlds that players can visit, and each one has a challenging puzzle that needs solving before the players can advance to other worlds. You will need exploration and creativity in this game as you will be experimenting on the many different possibilities that a world can offer. Your progress will also rely on trial and error in your effort to find a world’s exit. You will be climbing high walls, pushing objects around, collecting useless items along the way, and many more. Completing a bunch of  tasks  will eventually lead you to elevators and pathways that will show you where the exit is. Once you finally stumble upon the last pair of doors, you will be greeted by nothing but a cliff. Do not hesitate to take a courageous jump over the edge because that is how you will arrive on the next world. A hilarious mess
Human: Fall Flat is the kind of game that will make you laugh with every failed action instead of making you mad. The weird flailing of your characters is a sight to see, and in some cases, their clumsiness is kind of relatable. If you ever get tired of playing with the same blank human doll over and over again, Human: Fall Flat also offers a  paint feature  where players can  customize  their characters by painting on their blank skin. 
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