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Clash Royale   Description

Clash Royale is a competitive multiplayer strategy game , based on Supercell’s blockbuster Clash of Clans . Clash Royale Enjoy one-on-one battles to defend your fort, in this action packed spin-off. Simple wars
If you know Clash of Clans then Royale Clash won’t take too much getting used to: defend your fortified cities by destroying enemy units and turrets with your armies. And expect to see lots of familiar Clash of Clans heroes – from the Barbarian to the Giant.
The main difference between Royal Clash and Clash of Clans is its simplicity. You don’t have to worry about creating and expanding your city . Here, it’s all action as you attack and defend from one battle to the next.
To win, you must distribute your heroes in the best way possible: place them strategically on the map to eliminate enemy towers and defend against incoming attacks – with the ultimate goal being to destroy the king in his central turret. In addition, your own towers to unleash special attacks from. The precious Elixir
Clash Royale combat plays out in real time with hero deployment and attacks based on Elixir . You start with a for Clash Royale apk download set amount of this Elixir, and must use it to deploy heroes and attack. Run out of Elixir? Then you will have to wait for it to recharge before your next attack.
This game system doesn’t request any micropayments during in combat. Both players start with the same conditions, with the winner only decided by which player can better judge the pace of battle and uses their soldiers most wisely.
Outside of combat you can use rewards earned in game to unlock extras. This includes leveling-up characters , unlocking new heroes, and getting currency to buy more extras.
The paid currency of the game, green gems, is relegated to accelerating the process of unlocking rewards . Don’t worry, you will level-up without paying.
Clash Royale has the same solid look and design as Clash of Clans: attractive characters and arenas, impressive sound effects, fluid animation, and clear menus. Will this be Supercell’s next big boom?
Clash Royale is a simple game that’s mechanic proves immediately engaging. With micropayments limited to elements outside of the gameplay itself, it could prove a good candidate Supercell's next blockbuster .
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