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Clash of Clans   Description

In Clash of Clans, you play the role of the head of a barbarian tribe . Clash of Clans Your goal is to create a town that is rich in resources, and that is also well protected so that you don’t get attacked by enemy tribes. Of course, you can also attack these tribes by using the skills of your own people and then reaping the rewards. Build, collect ... and attack!
To make your village prosperous, you must create warehouses to generate resources and to have a place to store your materials. In the same way as in a city-building game, you have land to build on, which you can gradually increase.
Building and upgrading your warehouses is really very simple and you can do this in batch (for example, if you want to upgrade several warehouses at the same time). But don’t just focus on building beautiful warehouses, you also need to protect them.
To protect your assets, you can surround your city walls and put in elements that hinder the attacks, like guns or turrets for your archers. You can also recruit and train troops so they can go and plunder rival villages to make you rich. These troops include giants, archers, wizards, skeletons and pilots.
With your troops are ready and well prepared, you can go to visit the neighboring villages, which will either be controlled by other users or by the computer (if you are using the game’s story mode). Maybe you’ll be victorious and lose just a few men, or you might for Clash of Clans apk download have a disastrous expedition and so have to hire new soldiers willing to die in combat. Although, as Clash of Clans features in-app purchases, you need to be patient if you don’t want to pay. Clans are the key to victory
Not all clans will turn out to be your enemies. In Clash of Clans you can form clans online , with whom you can share troops, exchange resources and do everything in your power to be the best clan in the universe.
Clash of Clans regularly updates and improves the way the clan system works . For example, if you create a clan you can add the frequency of attacks, as well as the location. And if you prefer to join an existing clan you can search for one based on these criteria. This means you will not run the risk of being expelled from a clan because you don’t have enough time to play, something that used to happen pretty often.
On an artistic level, Clash of Clans features cartoon-style graphics , and the number of objects and troops that you can add is varied and expands as you level up. Barbaric wars
Clash of Clans is a game that is all about strategy and building up your resources. While this kind of game is not new and we’ve seen similar titles on PC for decades, developers Supercell have managed to turn Clash of Clans into a reference point for mobile games of this genre. The game feels complete and entertaining , without resorting to the complexity of franchises such as Age of Empires.
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