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Pinterest   Description

Pinterest is a social image and content sharing application for Android. Pinterest Photos are the focus
While applications like Flipboard and Pulse are designed for consuming and sharing news, Pinterest takes a different approach by letting users share anything, but focuses its interface on photos. You can log into Pinterest with your Facebook , Twitter and Google+ accounts or you can create a standalone account .
When you first launch Pinterest, you'll be greeted with a bunch of 'pins' that you friends have shared with you. You have the option to ' Like ,' ' Repin ,' and ' Comment ' on specific pins and you can share anything you come across while browsing the web on Pinterest, as well as opening articles from within the app. Pinterest also allows you to search, share and watch YouTube , Vimeo and Vevo videos in the app.
The entire interface is very minimalistic and visual. Everywhere you navigate, large photos dominate while the rest of the interface fades into the background. Photos are gorgeous and are the focus of the app experience. Tap on a photo and it takes over the entire screen. Scroll down and you'll have access to comments and suggested boards to follow. You can pin to Pinterest straight from your camera's gallery.
If you don't want everyone to see what you're pinning you can set up secret boards, as well as sharing pins privately. You also get push notifications to know when someone comments, likes or repins your stuff and can mention your friends in comments, all leading to a more social experience.
One thing that's missing from the iPhone and Android apps is the iPad's Pinterest-focused browser, which allows users to for Pinterest apk download pin things directly from within the Pinterest app. This is great solution for those looking to share things directly to Pinterest. Hopefully they'll bring this feature to Android and the iPhone soon.
Performance of the application is very quick . Repins happen instantaneously. Swiping gestures also work very fluidly and without stuttering .
Pinterest allows users to upload their own photos directly from their Android phones but doesn't have the option to take them. This is a key differentiator from social photo sharing apps like Instagram .
Finding new people and pinboards to follow on Pinterest is a pleasure with this app. Hit the search button and you are given a list of categories that you can explore. If you have a search term in mind, type it in the search field and you can sort results by Pins, Boards, and People. Pinning just got more social
Overall, Pinterest is a great mobile experience. It's the ideal app if you want to create far more visual collections of interesting ideas you find. Pinterest's social features make it perfect for sharing with others or getting new ideas and there are plenty of celebs and businesses using the platform, if that's your thing. But it will require an open API for developers of other apps to share to Pinterest to make it truly usable. Changes
Pinterest has introduced the ability to message your friends and other users (up to ten people in the group chat function) with Facebook-style chat heads . You can send entire boards, pins or user profiles via private message.
When Pinning, you can quickly find the board you’re looking for with the new scroller. It’s also easier to Pin right from your camera roll.
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