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Enlight   Description

Enlight, the second offering from the team behind the successful and highly-rated selfie app Facetune, brings desktop image editing capabilities to your mobile, positioning itself as the only app you'll need for improving your photos . Enlight All the features you need in one place
There are no shortage of photo editing apps on the App Store, meaning it's particularly difficult to make an impact. Enlight, however, is one app that lives up to the hype, and may even surpass your expectations.
Enlight is very easy to get a handle on straight away . It displays your camera roll along the bottom, with the editing toolbar on the right, which can be hidden while you're working on your photo.
There are a huge amount of features , from the most basic options such as filters and frames, to the ability to refit your photo, turn it into a sketch or painting, make color and tone adjustments, and blend several photos together. Just a quick dive into the app makes you realize you can create some stunning improvements.
And there are a lot more professional-grade editing options available that might make you consider even editing DSLR photos with this app. The wide range of presets cater for those at the other end of the scale that need some help to enhance their photo.
Enlight also has its own Instasize option, allowing you to transform your picture into a square so you can easily share to Instagram . While there are the other usual social sharing options, you can also save what are known as "sessions". for Enlight apk download This means that when you are editing photos but you're not quite ready to save them, you can save a kind of work in progress. Excellent user experience
While Enlight is easy to use without any help, the short tutorials the app gives before you start using each feature for the first time are a really helpful addition , as you can get the most out of all the options. This is especially useful if you're new to photo editing. These tutorials can be accessed again at any time by swiping down from the top.
The user experience is incredibly slick , with edits applied seamlessly and very effectively. You can dial up the intensity of any of these edits by swiping left and right. But if you've ever not sure about applying a filter, you can tap the "preview" button to see how it compares with the old version of your photo. The photo editing app to download
While Adobe Lightroom may have a strong foothold in the image editing market for both desktop and mobile, Enlight is a serious contender to the crown. What particularly caught my eye was that it nicely treads the line of providing all the help a novice user needs to create some spectacular improvements, while catering for advanced users by giving plenty of flexibility to its more complicated options.
Its mix of very powerful image editing capabilities, its slick interface design, the excellent way it makes even complex editing accessible for beginners, and its mobile first approach, make Enlight the current must-have app for enhancing your photos .
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