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Cymera 2.2.0


Dernière version: 2.2.0
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Cymera   Détails des application

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Cymera   Description

Cymera is the ultimate photo app for any photo lover. Cymera It offers everything you need to take photos, edit them, organize them into albums, and share them with your contacts. Cymera does everything!
Cymera offers a ton of features to convert your smartphone or tablet into a real photo studio.
To capture photos, the app lets you choose from seven different lenses and numerous modes, including the famous anti-shake, out of focus, self portrait, timer, and Touch Shot modes.
Once you've taken your photos, you can embellish them with over 100 different effects, filters, and borders . Several options are available for editing and transforming your photos, with functions that include big eyes, smile, slim face, clear spots, liquefy, and brightening.
Finishing touches can be added with stickers . You can also draw and add comments to your photos. Up and coming photographers can even create their own collages by putting together their best shots.
Finally, Cymera gives you functions to organize your photos into albums and share them with friends and relatives. For for Cymera apk download photos that are a bit more delicate, there is a hidden, private space where you can share photos with only the people you choose to. A new look and very useful tutorials
To use Cymera and all of its features, you need to register with your email address . Without an account, you can't access the editing features or album creation.
To make it more user-friendly, Cymera displays a help screen every time you try out a new feature. The on-screen indicators let you know where to find different features in the app, and they also explain what they're for. Given the number of different features Cymera has to offer, these help screens definitely come in handy!
The interface has also been completely redesigned with version 2, giving Cymera a modern, new look that really makes it enjoyable to use. The ultimate photo app
If you're looking for an app that can do it all when it comes to photos, Cymera is definitely the right choice . Its sharing features are less developed than Instagram , but the number of different features it offers make it a must have for all photo enthusiasts.
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