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Carousel   Description

Carousel by Dropbox is the newest edition to Dropbox 's services, an app that lets you organize, view and share your Dropbox photos. Carousel Your photo album, all in one
For mobile Dropbox users, Carousel is a really cool addition to its services. It displays all images stored in Dropbox in a gallery so that you can easily view them. The images are sorted by date , meaning that you'll have a timeline of all of your photos in one place.
What's even better, is that it backs up all the photos on your camera roll, synchronizing the images from your mobile device into your Dropbox folder. It'll display these images together with your Dropbox photos by date, organizing all your images in one place. For people like me who consistently use their mobile device to take photos, Carousel is a great option to display them all in one place.
You can share photos in many different ways, including email, text message, Twitter and Facebook . People don't have to be using Carousel for you to share photos with them, but it definitely enhances the experience. If they're also using Carousel, you can send them photos and messages directly within the app as a conversation, adding text to accompany the image. From there, they can download the photo, which will be saved to their Dropbox in a new Carousel folder. Carousel also gives you the option to hide images if you don't want them to appear in your gallery.  Share and hide by swiping images
Much like Dropbox, the app has a nice and accessible interface. Of course, you have to connect your Dropbox account to Carousel to use the service, but it's also mandatory for you to let for Carousel apk download the app access and back up your camera roll photos before you can start using it. Once you're in, your pictures are grouped by date.
Scrolling up and down gives you the most recent photos by date, while scrolling left to right lets you speed up the process and go back further in time, month by month, with the swipe of a finger.
Clicking on a photo and swiping up lets you share it, while swiping down hides the photo. To go back to the album, you simply click on the photo, which felt a little confusing upon first use. 
Accessing your profile gives you the options to back up photos through Wifi only , as well as add a profile picture for conversations, which is basically a history of images and text you've sent to users. 
Profile pictures and conversations are an interesting addition considering the app is more about organization than it is about social, but the benefits of sharing photos with other people using Carousel are obvious. Images shared with people via Carousel that don't have the app are limited to viewing them as a link in email or text; to be able to actually properly see the photos, they must download the app. Storage that makes sense
Carousel is a really good solution for viewing all your photos in one place . If you're a heavy mobile camera user and want a backup of all your images stored in one place, Carousel is a great option. Of course, as with Dropxbox, you're limited to 2 free GB of storage before you have to pay to upgrade, and because it's mandatory to sync all your camera roll photos, you could run out of space quickly. and the app is best for sharing photos with other Carousel users. 
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