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Write in Runic
Write in Runic

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Convert your name into runes!

With this app you can transliterate text to runes based on a phonetic translation. This app translates the sounds of words, not meaning. It is also a good source for rune pronunciation and learning more about the runic alphabets.

Supports the following major runic families:

• Elder Futhark runes (germanic Fuþark)
• Swedish-Norwegian Fuþąrk (Rök; young Futhark, short twig)
• Danish Fuþąrk (young Futhark, long branch)
• Medieval runes
• Anglo-Saxon runes (Anglo-Frisian Fuþorc)
• The runes that J. R. R. Tolkien invented for Cirth (the rune script from The Hobbit / Lord of the Rings)

Supports Ogham (Old Irish script):
• Aicme Beithe / hÚatha / Muine / Ailme
• Forfeda (the letters added later)

For premium users:
- Old Hungarian runes (rovásírás)
- Armanen runes (Armanen Futharkh)
- Gothic
- Old Italic
- Phoenician

Text is transliterated to runes based on a phonetic representation (English, Russian or language agnostic).
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