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Unlimited Alliance Conquest
Unlimited Alliance Conquest

Unlimited Alliance Conquest   Description

Main duties and benefits as testers:
1. Testing the features of KOA and reporting bugs and offering modification suggestions related to the new features.
2. Join the Testers Group on Discord and discuss with other testers together.
3. Reporting relevant bugs through in game support.
4. Receive free resources as bonuses on the test version.
5. Receive gift-code which can be used on online version when reporting relevant bugs through in game support.

How to report bugs?
1. Report bugs to our in game support team through in game support (Tap on the 'Help & Support' board in the center of your City--> Click any FAQs to contact our in game support team.)
2. Please describe the bug and problem in details: What time did it happen/What did you do before it happen/Better provide us the screenshots of the problems.
3. Join the discord group to receive the latest news of test version

Which features should I test?
New Features:
1. Emblems: Gain extra benefits by matching Emblems with Dragon Skills, through Dragon Lair -> Dragon Skills -> Assign Skills, choose Emblems and acticate them. Benefits are depended on the level of Dragon Skills.
2. Glorious Return: Returning event will start on 10th, May. Lords who didn't login in 5 days before 10th May would be regarded as inactive Lords, otherwise are active Lords. Lords can send the code to returning Lords and bound with them. When returning Lords join the game, both of you will receive rewards.
3. Sanctum System: If your Hospitals are full, a certain percentage of your slain troops will become Souls that are sent to the Sanctum.Excalibur's Scabbard will automatically gather Ambrosia for you. Use Ambrosia to Resurrect the Souls of your troops. Use Sanctum System by entering the new building-Sanctum in your City.
4. Move Buildings in the City: New Buildings are added in your City. The Resource Buildings are moved. Help us to find out the bug about Building Moving.

How to join:
1. Hit the button below and accept to become a tester. You'll then be led to the download page.
2. Download the Test App on Google Play to install it!

- Alliance building march
- The Magic Spire
- Other in game features

Which rewards can I reveive for testing the version?
For each relevant bug reported through in game support team of the test version, you will be rewared with a gift code, which you can use in the online version.
The rewards content:
Speedup 60m*2
1K Food*200
1K Wood*200
Material Chest*5

Features which are not available in the testing server.
1. All features related purchase in the testing server will be disabled: In Game packages, Daily Delivery and Vault.
2. Google Play and Wechat Accounts can’t be bound in the testing version.
3. You can’t upload avatar in the testing version.

*The test app is an entirely separate App. You don’t have to delete the current App to install the test one, and your game data in the live version will not be affected.
*When the features test ends, you can choose to leave the app on your device or delete it. We’ll keep the test server open and keep you updated with the news, if there is another feature test.
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