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Magic Workout - Abs & Butt Fitness
Magic Workout - Abs & Butt Fitness

Magic Workout - Abs & Butt Fitness   Description

Magic Workout  –An exercise program custom tailored for you to sculpt your perfect body in a fast and safe way.

Are you too busy to get to the gym? Are you not sure how to start exercising because you have no trainer? Maybe you don’t know which program to choose because everything you find online is too complicated? Don’t worry! Magic Workout can help you solve these problems.

You can do abdomen & buttocks exercises anytime, at home or anywhere, in only 8 minutes per day. This program provides animations and video guidance for every exercise to ensure that you have proper form every time you train. These effective exercises will help you to strengthen your body, burn fat, get an amazing butt and abs, and have a perfect figure.

Core Features:

★ Different workouts during a 28-days plan
★ No equipment needed, workout everywhere
★ Increases exercise intensity day by day
★ Scientific video guidance and description of exercises 
★ Calculate calories and weight
★ Regular exercise reminder
★ Suitable for everyone, beginner or advance

● No Equipment Necessary
You can spend just a few minutes exercising every day.Exercise your butt and abs anytime, at home or anywhere. No equipment is needed—you can stay fit just following along with the videos.

● Belly & Hip Fat Burning
This fitness app features exercises for training your abs and glutes. These fat burning exercises can scientifically improve your health. Keep at it and you will get amazing results!

● Fitness App For Girls
Designed for women, this fitness app provides scientifically determined exercises for abdominal and gluteal fat. You can complete these women’s exercises easily anytime, anywhere.

● Daily Plan
A program scientifically customized for you gradually increases the difficulty of the exercises and effectively achieves weight loss results.

● Animated Video Guide
Every exercise comes with video instructions and descriptions. These help you to properly understand the details of all the exercise movements.

● Track Workout Progress
Record your fitness status every day, record your daily number of calories burned, and track your training progress.
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